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Why Choose Intrinsics?

Because your clients deserve the very best.


"Our number one priority is to provide you with the most superior products on today’s market."

At Intrinsics everything begins with cotton, a true miracle of nature used heavily across a wide range of professional fields.

Of course, the only field you’re really interested in is health and beauty. And if you work as a professional in a spa or salon, you’re well aware that there’s no better fiber than cotton when it comes to absorption, exfoliation, protection—well, you get the gist.

That list could go on and on forever, and we haven’t even discussed the fiber’s inherent safety and sustainability. Simply put, the quality and performance of our cotton, which is the anchor of our product line, is unparalleled.

That's why you can trust our salon supplies, spa supplies, waxing supplies and nail supplies to never disappoint.

At Intrinsics, We Always Start With The Highest Quality

Of course, all of the materials we use at Intrinsics are of the highest quality, whether you’re using our pure cotton coil, our versatile applicators and swabs, or our popular compressed cellulose sponges and non-compressed cellulose sponges. Even when it comes to sanitation, we’re masters when it comes to marrying compliance with comfort—which is no small feat.

So—as if you couldn’t tell—our number one priority is to provide you with the most superior products on today’s market. In fact, our philosophy is rooted in the idea that exceptional products are intrinsic to helping spa and salon professionals pamper their clients. (And now you know where our name comes from, too).

We’re Committed To Continued Innovation

We’re also continually developing new single-use products to enhance every spa and salon-going experience. For us, there’s nothing better than introducing a new product and finding out later—from you—that you don’t know how you ever did your job without it.

That kind of innovation, along with a meticulous attention to detail, is our commitment to you. At Intrinsics, we understand that you’re counting on us because your clients are counting on you.