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X’Tra Thick Cotton Pads

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100% pure cotton

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Intrinsics X'TRA THINK COTTON PADS are extremely absorbent and soft. You'll feel the difference at the first touch. These cotton pads can be used on your face or body and can be used wet or dry to apply or remove product from skin. These cotton pads take strength and versatility to another level because they can easily stretch to accommodate any service or product.

These extra thick pads are premium cotton products that have far superior quality compared to our competitors. They are medical grade, 100% pure, high quality cotton that rarely leave fibers on the skin.

The extra thick cotton pads will fit in perfectly in your arsenal of professional spa supplies or professional salon supplies.


  • Extremely absorbent and soft; the ultimate wipe
  • Use wet or dry to apply or remove product from skin
  • Will stretch to accommodate any service
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Biodegradable
Overall Rating

  1. #400651 100ct box, 20 boxes/case
“I used the X'Tra Thick Cotton Pad myself because of my sensitive skin. It's perfect for removing makeup without irritating my skin and my dermatologist recommended using something soft so it's the ideal product. I use it as a washcloth and then I can toss it!”
-Sundries by Susie New York

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