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Waxing Strips & Waxing Rolls

waxing roll
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High quality pellon

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Our Waxing Strips and Waxing Rolls are made from nonwoven, high-quality pellon and leave no residue. The strong, durable Waxing Strips can be used with all depilatory systems. The 3" x 9" precut strips are ideal for waxing legs and bikini area. This product is also available in a 100 yard waxing roll.


  • Strong, high-quality pellon material comes in a 100 yard roll or in convenient pre-cut 3”x9” Waxing Strips
  • Works with any type of depilatory system
  • Material does not stretch or tear, ensuring a precise and clean waxing service
  • Made in U.S.A.
Overall Rating

  1. #406145 3”x9” strips, 100 strips/pack, 12 packs/case
  2. #406150 100-yds. roll, 10 rolls/case

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