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100% Pure Cotton

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Imagine a tiny pillow for your face, one that is the softest to ever touch your skin. That’s basically what our Cotton Pillowettes are: miniature pillows filled with absorbent and luxurious cotton. 100% soft cotton surrounded by a neat slip-case so you may slide your fingers in for easier contol.

Ideal for makeup removal, face and eye area, or for waxing applications, our Pillowettes promise not only to be the most comfortable you’ve ever used, but the most dependable, too.


  • Lint-free
  • Soft and gentle for use around sensitive eye area
  • Ideal for make-up removal and facials
  • Apply post wax lotions and calming gels

Pillowettes are a great addition to your nail supplies and skin care products.

Overall Rating

  1. #400090 80 Pillows/box, 30 boxes/case

“It’s perfect for eye makeup removal and gentle enough for skin with rosacea.”
-Deborah Schwerdt, Owner, Bionic Body in Hermosa Beach, CA

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