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Professional Salon Supplies


If you own your own salon, you know how difficult it can be to find high-quality products that you can trust. High quality care for clients is the number one rule in owning your own salon or barber shop. Cutting corners to save money can result in inferior products that your clients will notice.

Intrinsics provides high-quality products. Hair stylists and barbers place faith in our products because they guarantee the best results leaving clients satisfied. Trust us, you won’t have to worry about our cotton breaking apart before you’re done using it.

Quality Salon and Barber Supplies

Pillowettes™ are my dream come true. No lint or long fibers left on the nail plate after my dehydration step, plus I am able to do nail art easier and in more detail because I don't have to fish fibers off nails.

We Never Cut Corners

Intrinsics is committed to providing your salon or barber with the best and sturdiest products in the market. We offer a variety of items, including: vinyl gloves, cotton coil, neck strips, cotton products (balls, rolls and wipes), and ear-loop face masks.

Take a look at our catalog to see all that we offer.  You'll be pleased with our supplies that have been quality tested to ensure they can withstand the tough circumstances that occur in typical salons.  

In addition to professional salon products, we offer a complete line of  spa and nail supplies. Have a look at our page or contact us here.

Our Commitment To The Environment

At Intrinsics, we are committed to environmentally responsible manufacturing. From cotton farms to our purification process, and from certifications to recycling standards, we’ve continually met growing consumer demands for sustainable practices, while keeping a keen eye on the future.

Cotton has inherent ECO-advantages as well. As a natural fiber, it is a renewable resource and naturally biodegrades. Our purification process not only ensures the cleanest, most pure medical grade cotton, it is a totally chlorine-free (TCF) process keeping discharged waste water clean from potentially harmful chemicals. All of our organic products are also certified by Organic Tilth and meet GOTS requirements.

Here are just a few of our top performing salon products:

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Nail Products

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