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Professional Nail Salon Supplies

Intrinsics' professional nail salon supplies in use
How can single-use products make your job easier? The answer is quality. When products are durable and perform the way they are supposed to, your job is easier, your results are superior and your clients are happier.

No Matter The Product, Quality Matters

Professional nail salon products need to be able to stand up to vigorous use. As with many cotton products, fibers can be an issue. Intrinsics’ natural single-use cotton products are ideal because they are not only extra soft, but stand up to harsh use without annoying fibers breaking off.

Give Your Clients The Best Possible Experience

Intrinsics provides 100% cotton single-use products that are soft, irritant-free and versatile  allowing you to pamper your clients and give them the best possible experience. Our variety of items include organic cotton balls, organic cotton balls, cotton coil, cotton rounds and ovals, cotton balls, toe rope, cotton gauze and more.

As a salon or spa owner or manager, your responsibility is to make sure that clients leave your location happy, and that they come back and bring a friend! People come into spas and salons not only to get results, but also to enjoy the experience, to be pampered and to leave feeling beautiful and confident. When it comes to pleasing your clients and providing them with an exceptional experience, it's the little things that count. Quality supplies make a difference that your clients can see and feel. Be sure to pamper them by using the best. The Difference is in the Details™!

Trusted by Professionals

Pillowettes™ are my dream come true. No lint or long fibers left on the nail plate after my dehydration step, plus I am able to do nail art easier and in more detail because I don't have to fish fibers off nails.

When anyone goes to get a manicure or pedicure, they are there for a safe, relaxing, stress-free experience. They put their trust in the nail salon to deliver this experience. Salon owners put their trust in Intrinsics’ professional nail supplies, and we do not let them down.

In addition to professional nail products, we offer a complete line of spa and salon supplies for hair, face and waxing. Have a look at our page or contact us here.

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