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Made in the USA

Intrinsics is the leading brand that professionals trust and love, providing the safest, highest quality premium performing single-use spa and salon products for all types of skin and nail care services.

Headquartered and manufactured in Charlotte, NC since 1999, Intrinsics is a division of Barnhardt Manufacturing Company and leverages 120 years of experience and innovation in purifying cotton fiber for use in beauty and medical products.

All of Intrinsics’ precious cotton products are made from sustainably sourced cotton grown right here in the U-S-of A. After being harvested by your local farmers, it’s then purified to the highest quality, medical-grade standards in an FDA-registered facility.

And when it comes to our products, it’s come one--come all! Here are just a few of your favorite Intrinsics products made with love in the USA!

Cotton-Tipped Applicators
Toe Rope
Cotton Balls
Silken Wipes
Compressed Sponges
Cotton Wipes
Cotton Coil
Waxing Roll and Strips
Cleansing Towel
Glycolic Applicators
Earloop Face Mask