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cucumber rose water eye mask

Intrinsics Beauty Recipe: Cucumber Rose Water Eye Mask

Simple but effective? Sounds like music to my ears.   Our Cucumber Rose Water Eye Mask (courtesy of HelloGlow), used with our Quilted Cotton Rounds, is the perfect way to give your under-eye area the refresh it needs now that Daylight Savings Time has ended! So why these ingredients?


The Best Cleansing Towel for Wax Treatments

Have you been searching for the perfect cleansing towel to use during wax treatments? Whether you do your own waxing or visit a professional at your favorite salon, we can all agree that choosing the right cleansing product for before-and-after care is vital.

Beauty Treatments for Every Mom

For some one mom, going to the spa is a regular activity. For another, it’s completely out of the ordinary. That doesn’t mean she dislikes getting pampered. To really show her that you’re paying attention, get her a spa service that relates to her favorite activities.

Intrinsics Salon Products

5 Tips To Consider When Choosing Spa Products For Your Customers

Spa owners, along with their estheticians, should be product experts. Experience, along with a willingness to stay on top of industry innovations, plays into the spa and salon catalog that lives exclusively in your head. The beauty of this personal inventory that lives within your brain is that it’s probably different from anyone else’s. Important note: that’s a good […]

Intrinsics Salon Products

Go Green: 8 Environmentally Friendly Spa Products Your Business Needs

So we’re guessing this won’t come completely as a surprise: cotton has many green advantages, especially over fiber peers like bamboo and rayon. Ground zero for that fact is in how they’re processed. Cotton’s Total Chlorine-Free process—think of it as “oxygen bleaching” using hydrogen peroxide—is environmentally friendly, while the process for bamboo and rayon is […]

Choosing quality spa products

7 Helpful Tips to Help You Choose Quality Spa Products

On the surface, choosing quality seems simple. The problem with that viewpoint is that quality is often determined by who has the best marketing, and not necessarily the best product. Unfortunately, the best way to determine a product’s worth is by using it yourself. It’s no different when it comes to professional spa supplies.

Hair salon

4 Places to Find a Versatile Spa Product Line

A versatile spa line is invaluable. For spa and salon owners, having a one-stop shop for single-use supplies can make their lives a whole lot easier. Aside from that fact, a company that features a full line of products will typically be well-known and well-trusted; you can’t build out a line of time-tested products overnight.

Total Chlorine Free

What the “Bleached” in Bleached Cotton Really Means

If you’ve been reading closely, we’ve been talking a lot about the benefits of bleached cotton in professional spa and salon products. We know “bleached” can carry with it some negative connotations. However, bleached cotton is not only an important industry term, it’s also found in many cotton-related single-use supplies. The key is understanding what “bleached” really means—which means digging in […]