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cucumber rose water eye mask

Intrinsics Beauty Recipe: Cucumber Rose Water Eye Mask

Simple but effective? Sounds like music to my ears.   Our Cucumber Rose Water Eye Mask (courtesy of HelloGlow), used with our Quilted Cotton Rounds, is the perfect way to give your under-eye area the refresh it needs now that Daylight Savings Time has ended! So why these ingredients?


The Best Cleansing Towel for Wax Treatments

Have you been searching for the perfect cleansing towel to use during wax treatments? Whether you do your own waxing or visit a professional at your favorite salon, we can all agree that choosing the right cleansing product for before-and-after care is vital.

9 STUNNING Fall Manicures!

 Oh my gourd, we love fall manicures! It is no secret that we all adopt beauty trends that coincide with the seasons. Perhaps one of the most interesting forms of expression during the fall is nail art. Using seasonal colors with accents, Halloween graphics, and fall imagery are all great ways to jazz up any […]

Beauty Treatments for Every Mom

For some one mom, going to the spa is a regular activity. For another, it’s completely out of the ordinary. That doesn’t mean she dislikes getting pampered. To really show her that you’re paying attention, get her a spa service that relates to her favorite activities.

brow waxing strips

The Truth About Single-Use Products

When you first hear the term “single-use,” it obviously seems wasteful, at least on paper. While it’s no secret that modern life leads to significant waste, certain scenarios demand a product that can only be used once. As painful as it may be to contribute to our ever-growing landfills, the cost of business typically leads to […]

antique photo

Believe It Or Not, We’ve Been Around For Over A Century

Really, at Intrinsics we have a history within our history. If you know our story, you know we’ve seen some changes over the years. However, what you may not know is that our history actually dates all the way back to the start of the 20th century. Let’s take a look back through time to […]

X'tra Thick Cotton Pad

Our X’traordinary Cotton Pads And Bands

On the surface, cotton pads and bands probably sound pretty boring. But any esthetician worth his or her salt will tell you they’re invaluable, and that a professional spa and salon goes through them like wildfire. That’s because they’re so tough and versatile.

Larry Gaynor

Intrinsics Partner Spotlight: Larry Gaynor of TNG

Larry Gaynor, the President and CEO of TNG, founded his company all the way back in 1985. Almost 30 years ago, when his company was known simply as Nailco, he felt like he had his hand on the pulse of what manicurists needed, and he started doing what he could to meet those demands.


IECSC Recap: Always A Big Time In The Big Apple

Before we get too far into April we needed to discuss how much we always enjoy IECSC. And that’s not just because it’s in NYC. The folks in the Big Apple and surrounding areas always come prepared to have fun, as well as spend a ton. These customers come in on a mission, and they […]


Calling All Entries: You Can Create The Next Great Intrinsics Product

At Intrinsics, we love the saying “Innovation breeds success.” We’re also fans of the axiom “The customer is always right.” So in honor of our New Product Contest and these two fundamental truths, we’ve created a fantastic hybrid: “Since our customers are always right, then they can breed successful innovation, too.”

Saloncentric winner

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner: SalonCentric’s Sarah Witcher

Vegas, baby. That’s where we were back in January, at a SalonCentric sales conference. With all of the store managers present, it’s always a great opportunity for us to hear what folks think about our professional spa and salon products. To encourage this, we had a giveaway. What did we ask for in return? Just […]


March Promotions: Spring Has Sprung

Winter fades away, as the cold, grey days grant birth to blue skies and sunshine. All those scarves, gloves, and mittens are pushed to the back of the closet for another nine months. With nails uncovered and spring demanding a new ‘do, professional spas and salons brace for an onslaught. Because it’s on. It’s on […]

Intrinsics girls

ISSE: Kilts, Mullets, And Stilts

We know. That’s a serious blog title. But what do kilts, mullets, and stilts have in common? These are all phenomena we encountered when we attended the International Salon and Spa Expo (ISSE) back at the end of January in Long Beach, CA. While we’re not sure what any of these sightings had to do […]

petite gauze

February Promotions: Love Is In The Air

Snow? Who needs it? All it does is cause all kinds of problems. With the dead of winter upon us, it would seem like the services of professional spas and salons might fall by the wayside in the month of February. With icy winds chafing faces and fingernails hidden by gloves or mittens, why would […]

Intrinsics Skin Care Kit

For ISSE, We’re Goin’ Back To Cali

This isn’t really news, because we’ve mentioned it before: we love us some trade shows. One of our favorites is the International Salon and Spa Expo (ISSE), which will be held on January 25-27 in Long Beach, CA. We’ll be there, and we’ve got a new bag of promotional tricks up our sleeves for you […]

January Promotions: Make The Right Resolution

January always presents the ultimate re-set. The calendar flips, and everyone gets to goal-setting. This fresh start makes resolvers of us all, which is why on New Year’s Day the diets begin and gym registrations skyrocket.

Intrinsics winner

Pillowettes Survey Winner

As they say, you can only win if you play the game. That’s definitely the case with our professional spa and salon supplies surveys. You have to fill out a survey to win that $100 American Express Gift Card. $100 is a lot of money. And if you win, you get to spend it on […]