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September Promotions: Livin’ Large

cotton rounds
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School. It’s back in session. And everybody in the free world knows exactly what that means: it’s time to get your hair did.

Of course, it’s still prime time for folks to get their nails and skin “did,” too. We have a sneaking suspicion that spas and salons have been swamped with clients getting their back-to-school looks in order. To lend you a helping hand, we decided to live large this month. That’s why our Large Cotton Balls and Cotton Rounds are our September promotions, as well as our Expand-A-Coils, too.

The leaves will be changing soon as autumn blows in full bore. Our promotions will change, too. If you’ve noticed, they always do, each time the calendar turns. But for September, we hope you —and your customers—enjoy this latest slate of the specials on spa and salon supplies from Intrinsics.

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