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Pillowettes: The Next Big Thing

Pillowetes product image
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New products. They’re always fun to roll out—even if our product development team runs and hides behind their desks until they’re assured only positive feedback is rolling in. Luckily for those guys and gals, we’re confident that our Pillowettes are going to be the hottest thing since Taylor Swift’s famous duet with a goat.

So maybe they won’t end up being quite that popular. But still, they’re miniature pillows filled with absorbent and luxurious cotton. That, in essence, is what our Pillowettes are: miniature pillows. And everyone loves pillows. So there’s no reason to think that folks won’t like teeny-tiny ones. Especially ones designed for your face.

To learn more about our Pillowettes, check out their product page. But for more goats that sound like humans, go here. We really think you owe it to yourself to check out both.

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