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Nail Tech’s Choice Makes The Cut For Cosmoprof’s Sample Box

Comoprof's Sample Box
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As our readers know, we love Cosmoprof Beauty, and view them as a valuable partner. That’s why we’re stoked to announce that they just showed us some serious love. Really, we just want to scream about it, from on top of a mountain. But really, this blog is our mountaintop, so we’re just going to have to scream it from here.

Recently Cosmoprof Beauty put together sample boxes that they mailed to 10,000 of their top professional spa and salon customers. Our Nail Tech’s Choice made the cut, and since we consider all of the companies represented in the sample box to be some of the most respected names in the biz, being included was a huge honor. To be honest, it’s like being nominated for a “Best Actress” Oscar.

These sample boxes created a whole lot of buzz, especially on social media. So we certainly hope you were a lucky sample box recipient—and if you were, be sure to enjoy our Nail Tech's Choice, and make use of the 25%-off coupon for our Intrinsics Toe Rope that you’ll find in the accompanying flyer.

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