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Large Cotton Wipes: Don’t Hate, Exfoliate

2x2 Cotton Wipes
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As you know from past posts, we like to live large. That applies to our Large Cotton Wipes, too. Though they come in petite or large sizes, this month we pay homage to the latter, a true staple for most professional spas and salons.

With 100% Naturelle™ cotton, these wipes are ideal for cleansing and exfoliating—and that’s in the middle of a facial, or right before waxing. These beauties also shine when the time comes for removing make-up since they’re gently abrasive and perfectly absorbent. (Just look at how happy that client is in the photo there with that cotton wipe stroking her face. Totally trusting. Completely serene.)

At the end of the day, what we’re talking about here is a skincare superstar. Of course, we hope that’s what you’ve come to expect from Intrinsics: the best cotton supplies around. Request a sample to find out for yourself. We know we set the bar high. And we plan to keep raising it higher and higher.

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