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Gentle Cleansing Towels: Altering A Classic

Gentle Cleansing Towel
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They say you should never alter a classic. Well, to be honest, we think that’s kind of a dumb thing to say. While classics are obviously classics for a reason, never altering them means you think they can’t be improved. We just find that to be very old-fashioned (or, again: kind of dumb).

So we only made a small change to our Gentle Cleansing Towels. Please, don’t fret: the towels themselves are still exactly the same. They’re still gentle. They still cleanse. They’re still made of 100% Naturelle™ cotton, they’re still moistened with white tea and bamboo botanicals, and they’re still infused with a cucumber and green tea aroma. But now you can get them in smaller packages of 25.

See? You can alter a classic. It’s really not a big deal at all.

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