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February Promotions: Love Is In The Air

petite gauze
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Snow? Who needs it? All it does is cause all kinds of problems. With the dead of winter upon us, it would seem like the services of professional spas and salons might fall by the wayside in the month of February. With icy winds chafing faces and fingernails hidden by gloves or mittens, why would anyone bother with treatments? Honestly, why would anyone even leave the house?

Valentine’s Day, that’s why.

With love in the air, the ultimate date night calls for your clients to look their finest. You’d think it’s summer, what with all the manis, pedis, skin treatments, and waxings taking place. Couples massages are also a hot gift item, so we’re willing to bet spa and salon owners are as busy as a Jared or a Zales this month.

In honor of Saint Valentine’s Day, we’re highlighting our promotions of large cotton 12-Ply Gauze and our Roll Cotton. The beauty of these Intrinsics products is that they both keep it 100% all Naturelle™.

Hopefully that’ll get you through till the first signs of spring next month. Until then, stay warm.

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