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June Promotions: Prep Clients for Beach Time

With June comes the official start of summer. And summer is one of the busiest times of the year for estheticians, as clients are heavily reliant on you to make them beach-ready. Mani/Pedi? Check. Wax job? Check. Skin prepped for sun? Check. Without the spa and salon industry, things would be dire out there. There’s a reason beautification is […]

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May Promotions: One of These Things Is Not Like the Other

For our May promotions, we’ve chosen to highlight two products that look and seem extremely similar. In fact, we’re willing to bet that if we showed you a photo of each, you’d have no idea which was which. That’s why we’re here: to once again tell you that looks can be deceiving, and send a reminder that the difference […]

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April Promotions: Lint-Free and Easy

It’s the start of the month, which can only mean one thing: it’s time to talk about promotions. While our full promotions list is far too long for us to cover every featured product in detail, we can certainly talk about a couple this month—especially since bikini season is officially open.

Cotton Rounds

March Promotions: Two All-Purpose Spa and Salon Products

As you know, each month we shine a spotlight on our monthly promotions. Typically, we pair up our spa and salon products with similar professional applications, such as wax treatments, nail care, skin care—basically all of the awesome things that professional estheticians do. However, this month we’re highlighting two products that are all-purpose all-stars. Honestly, we don’t know how […]

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February Promotions: The Cold Reality of Winter Waxing

Maybe your clients are dreaming of the beach, even in the dead of winter. Maybe they’re headed for a ski retreat, where they’ll hit the slopes and then burn off the rest of the day in a hot tub. Maybe they’re prepping for their Valentine’s Day date night. Or maybe they’re simply masochists, and enjoy […]

Valentine's Day Gift

Valentine’s Day: A Prime Marketing Opportunity for Spas

Valentine’s Day presents an ideal marketing opportunity for professional spas. While there are plenty of businesses that look to capitalize on the most romantic day of the year, this one is tailor-made for the beauty industry. However, with the bulk of your clientele being female, when it comes to Valentine’s Day, spas and salons are […]

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January Promotions: Help Brace Your Client’s Face for the Cold

New Year’s Day brings the promise of a clean slate. However, just as we’re sweeping up the confetti the reality sets in: in most parts of the country, the harsh winter weather has arrived. This kind of weather is murder on skin.  Your clients need you now, more than ever. That’s why this month’s promotions are skin-centric, […]

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December Promotions

With the holiday season officially upon us, we’re willing to bet this is one of your busiest times of the year. Think about it: your clients are about to embark on the enjoyable but exhausting whirlwind of social engagements that demand they look their best. Between the office parties and family gatherings, estheticians should be seeing a revolving door of clients hoping […]

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November Promotions: Keep It All Naturelle™

Ready or not, the holiday season is upon us. Sure, November’s just getting underway. But before you know it you’ll be basting a turkey, fighting your way through Black Friday, chopping down your Christmas tree—and then (gasp!) 2015 will be staring us in the face. Before we have to start sorting all of that out, let’s take a deep breath […]

Facial Cap

October Promotions: Skin Care Standouts

As the leaves turn and the wind becomes brisk, we can all breathe a sigh of relief. The blaze of summer is far behind us—even though in the South, this was one of our mildest summers ever. With the meat of the football schedule to look forward to, as well as nights around the fire pit or […]

Glycolic Applicators

August Promotions: A Tremendous Skin Care Tandem

Okay, let’s get real for a second: it’s important to take care of your face. While that may seem like an obvious statement, there are plenty of examples of people who do the exact opposite. That’s why professional spa and salon owners are so important: they often take better care of their clients’ faces than their clients […]

4th of July

July Promotions: Born in the USA

Of course, the start of July always brings out our deep patriotism. Saying “Peace out!” to Great Britain with a little doc known as the Declaration of Independence is truly a cause for celebration. We love the 4th of July, and we’ll be barbecuing, picnicking, and parade-watching like the rest of America, all while blaring […]


March Promotions: Spring Has Sprung

Winter fades away, as the cold, grey days grant birth to blue skies and sunshine. All those scarves, gloves, and mittens are pushed to the back of the closet for another nine months. With nails uncovered and spring demanding a new ‘do, professional spas and salons brace for an onslaught. Because it’s on. It’s on […]

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February Promotions: Love Is In The Air

Snow? Who needs it? All it does is cause all kinds of problems. With the dead of winter upon us, it would seem like the services of professional spas and salons might fall by the wayside in the month of February. With icy winds chafing faces and fingernails hidden by gloves or mittens, why would […]

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For ISSE, We’re Goin’ Back To Cali

This isn’t really news, because we’ve mentioned it before: we love us some trade shows. One of our favorites is the International Salon and Spa Expo (ISSE), which will be held on January 25-27 in Long Beach, CA. We’ll be there, and we’ve got a new bag of promotional tricks up our sleeves for you […]

January Promotions: Make The Right Resolution

January always presents the ultimate re-set. The calendar flips, and everyone gets to goal-setting. This fresh start makes resolvers of us all, which is why on New Year’s Day the diets begin and gym registrations skyrocket.

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December Promotions: It’s Holiday Party Time

After surviving the Black Friday shopping madness, we’re willing to bet most professional spas and salons have seen an uptick in appointments. There’s simply no way to deal with the angry mob without your hair or nails taking a beating. Luckily, that’s all behind us, and now it’s Christmas Day or bust.

Silken Wipes 4x4

November Promotions: As The Weather Turns

As the weather turns, and a chill greets us in the mornings and evenings, we start to reach for sweaters and jackets. Sure, come November your clients have far less skin showing. But their hair and their nails? They’ve got absolutely nowhere to hide. Your clients still need you. Desperately.